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2 suggestions for Time Out 2

I have two suggestion for Time Out 2:

1. Please allow a 1-minute warning that a Normal Break is about to begin. The fade-in is nice now, but a quick bezel or growl notification would be even nicer.

2. Under the appearance tab, where you can select the background color, please have an option to select a folder full of photos or even photos from your iPhoto library.

That's all I have! Great little app! Will be buying version 2 when it comes out! (when is that?)

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Re: 2 suggestions for Time Out 2


Both of those options are planned for version 2. It will support multiple notification options, including Growl and others, with flexible scheduling of those notifications. It will also support customizable break themes, including photo slideshows and more.

I'm working on Simon 2.6 right now. Once that is complete (currently looking like about a month), I'll be switching back to Time Out 2. It'll take a few months, so I'd currently estimate a release in Q1 2011. But good software takes time, so it'll be out when it's ready. I am keen to get it out, though; I know lots of people are eagerly awaiting it.

Thanks for the feedback!