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Problem: Time Out does not hide

Hi, I added Time Out to the Launch Items and selected the check box to hide it. However, it is launch unhidden. The more strange behavior is that this happen only in one of my Mac account, the other account launch Time Out hidden.

I have compared the loginwindows.plist files from both accounts to try to guess where the problem is but both files seem identical.

I have also read this post:


But this trick does not work in my case.

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Re: Problem: Time Out does not hide

That does sound rather odd. Time Out doesn't show any windows on launch, so launching un-hidden shouldn't be as annoying as Mail doing so, but I understand that you'd want it to not be the active app on startup.

I can't think of anything to suggest, beyond what you're already tried.

One consolation is that you won't have to put up with that for too long — in version 2, coming early next year, Time Out will use a faceless background app to manage the breaks, so it'll always launch hidden.