I am exploring Macfilink and it looks good! I have also tried Cloak and Tracker (alternative program) and while it works, it puts a question mark in the generated URL so it still looks like an affiliate link, even though it is much harder for someone to change the link.

In brief layman's language, how does Macfilink work? Does it create a sort of "mirror" of the affiliate page on ones own site?

My question is,

I used Macfilink to upload the generated HTML to my web server, but it went into the / folder, not the www folder that contains my website files.

Using Transmit, I uploaded an affiliate folder to store all my Macfilink files. I then chose "Copy Path" for that affiliate folder in Transmit and pasted the path (ftp://ftp.[domain].com:21//www/affiliate) into Macfilink's Path field in the Upload sheet. However, after choosing Upload, I am still not seeing the Macfilink file in the affiliate folder. Does it take a while for this to appear?

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Re: Macfilink

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

It works by loading the affiliate page in a full-window frame (though you can also have a header frame above it if you prefer). The HTML is encoded to make it harder to extract the affiliate link.

For uploading, you'd need to enter just "www/affiliate" in the Path field. It should appear immediately after uploading.

Hope this helps.