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Feature request: random normal time outs

I'm a web developer and using this great software for about 2+ years. Recently donated to support it's developer.

When using Time Out I noticed that there's a slight negative feeling when new time out is coming especially when a person got used to the set interval.

I'd like to discuss a little feature here: would it be useful to have breaks slightly randomized?
I.e. suppose 'Work for' is set to 50 minutes and with 'randomize' feature on the next break will be in 50 minutes 3 seconds, the break after this one -- in 50 minutes and 36 seconds, next -- in 51 minutes and so on. I guess interval deviations from one second to two minutes would be acceptable.


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Re: Feature request: random normal time outs

Yes, I've thought about that idea, and have included a design for it for Time Out 2. Not sure if it'll make the cut, but I agree that it'd be useful.