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can it automatically log back into VPN when VPN connection times out?

I'd like to run Simon at home, but the servers I need to monitor are at work behind a firewall. Is there a way to have Simon automatically log into my VPN? I can log in myself but it will automatically log me out in 8 hours, so I can't leave it on and Simon will then generate a warning that the servers can't be reached. Any way to have it renew the VPN connection itself when it gets logged out?


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Re: can it automatically log back into VPN when VPN ...

I don't have experience with VPNs, but I expect there might be a way. Are you able to log in via Terminal? If so, you could do the same via a Script-based service or notifier (e.g. have a service that detects that you're logged out, and a notifier that logs you back in).

Can anyone else with more experience with this offer any advice?