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„downgrading“ of license?


and i've got a strange question ;-)
i want to use my 3.0-license on a g4 with os x 10.4, because it's running 24 h/day
in our office and is perfect for such a task. but i can't register the old 2.5.7-version
with my serial. is there a way … ?

thanks and best regards,

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Re: „downgrading“ of license?

The version 3 license should work in version 2 as well (though the new Gold license might not).

However, according to my records you have a version 2 Standard license, in addition to a version 3 Bronze license. So you can use that instead. (It is under a different email address; contact me privately if you need a reminder.)

Re: „downgrading“ of license?

… thanks a lot! mail is on the way :-)