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Primary & Secondary SMTP servers for Email Notifier

Good old WhistleBlower had a nice feature for its email notifier where you could designate a Primary SMTP server and a Secondary. So the email notifier would first try the Primary, but if it couldn't send the email there, it would then try the Secondary.

Simon allows you to add multiple SMTP servers, but the only choice other than choosing exactly one of the servers is "Automatic", which (based on the help text) chooses a server based on the domain of the "To" address.

Both of my SMTP servers are in my domain (different host names), but I don't want to use "Automatic" because I want to explicitly set which SMTP server is used most of the time, and which one is only used when the primary is down.

I'd like to see an enhancement in a future version where we could designate Primary, Secondary and perhaps even a Tertiary SMTP server, and if Simon can't send an email using the Primary, it would fail over to Secondary, then if it still can't send, fail over to Tertiary.


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Re: Primary & Secondary SMTP servers for Email Notifier

Hi John,

That's certainly a good idea, and something that's on my wish list.

In a future version I plan to add support for groups, including for notifiers, and one idea for that is to have an option to choose one notifier in the group, and only use the others if the first one fails.

Thanks for the suggestion!