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Feature request -- summary tab and highlighter

I really appreciate the outline facility in Caboodle's left hand pane.

Something I'd like, that would appeal to the researcher/academic community, would be an alternative main content pane -- perhaps tabbed -- for a summary or extract.

Say you have loaded some academic papers, website articles, images etc under a theme heading. The summary -- or extract -- tab would give a short summary of the content and what its importance is.

I would also very much appreciate a colour highlighter for the same reason.

Together offers a good highlighter, but I'm not aware of an app out there that allows you to keep content and summarise what it is.

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Re: Feature request -- summary tab and highlighter

Excellent suggestions.

For a summary pane, you could just use another level of entries: have the summary in an entry and child entries with the content. Entries aren't like dumb folders — even entries with children can still have text.

I do like the idea of a highlighter; I'll keep that in mind for a future update. There are ways to achieve this, but not as elegant as a built-in tool.