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Sample Tests

I'm trying to setup Simon, but i can't figure out how to use Filters in some websites/forums.

For example i try to monitor for changes one thread in but i can't get Filter to work correctly.

Could some experts post their more complex Filters here so newbies could learn from these.


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Re: Sample Tests

Have a look at the example tests that come with Simon; that should be a good starting point.

Beyond that, I'd recommend starting with a Block filter, as the most simple. You can use that to look for Start and End blocks of HTML, to filter to just the HTML between them. You can find the HTML via the top pane of the Preview window (click in there and Cmd-F to find text).

There are lots of other filters that you can try, too; they should be self-explanatory, or see the help.

But if anyone can share their filters as examples, I'd certainly welcome that too.

Re: Sample Tests

I can't find any example tests. Maybe i deleted them from Test list?

Now Simon checks if internet works by resolving It would be nice if is not hard coded so i could change it.


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Re: Sample Tests

Simon checks that either or are reachable for the offline check. It doesn't actually load anything from those sites, it just ensures that it can resolve their names.