Macfilink - Question and suggestion

Hi, I am trying to get the Upload to Website sheet to work. I have COPIED all of the information for my website from my FTP program and password manager into Macfilink's Upload to Website sheet. When I click Upload, nothing happens. When I click Cancel all of the information I have entered is cleared. What could I be doing wrong?

My suggestions are:

1. For Macfilink to save the information entered in the Upload to Website sheet even though some of it may be incorrect, and;

2. To give an error message giving at least some indication of what information might be entered wrong instead of just doing nothing.

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Re: Macfilink - Question and suggestion

All I can suggest is re-checking the settings. The upload function does work, but it's easy to overlook setting the right path or some other issue.

I believe it will give an error if there's something significantly wrong, though it's been a while since I looked at it, so can't be sure.