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Paid support/consultation possible?

Hi David et al.
I am only using a fraction of the capabilities of Simon and really need 1-on-1 consultation to meet my objectives. I have scoured through the user guide with some success but alas there are things I have been unable to make happen.

In my email exchanges with David, he has been very responsive and helpful however lengthy emails from both sides and the likelihood that much will still 'go over my head' means that I eagerly seek someone who will virtually sit down with me and set up more advanced tests to my specifications.

Of course I would be happy to reimburse for this kind act.

Please help!!

Best, Richard

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Re: Paid support/consultation possible?

Anyone want to help out Richard?

I'm happy to provide email and forum support, but I don't have time to do in-depth one-on-one consultations like that, so this would be a great opportunity for more expert users to help out (and be compensated).