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Login failure not reporting for report upload

Just updated to 3.2.1 from 3.2 - I had had this mac mini off for a few weeks, and updated prior to putting my monitoring back online. Hit update for the reports, they showed working, for longer than I thought they should, then finished with no indication of any problem. I went to the web page, and it was the old info - and then I remembered I'd changed my FTP password a few weeks ago. I changed the password inside the reports setup, and the reports ran quickly, and the new info showed up.

* it seems to be a different layout than the last version - but that's not a big problem.

So - there was no indication that the FTP login had failed - hope this helps -


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Re: Login failure not reporting for report upload

Reports are independent of tests, so issues with them don't show up in the Activity log (which is test-specific). I should probably add some better indication of report issues.