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Backup as RTF?

Hi, I'm experimenting with Caboodle as a substitute for Journler, which has sadly been abandoned. One important feature for me is the ability to back up my text files into a non-proprietary format, so that if I loose access to the application I won't loose all my writing. I understand that I can export individual Caboodle files (or several files) into RTF and other formats, but is there any way to have all my files exported on a regular basis (preferably with some of the meta-data)? If not, this would be a great feature to add!

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Re: Backup as RTF?

There isn't an automated way to do this (yet). It's pretty easy to select all entries and export them, though.

Currently the data is stored in a single XML file, so it isn't too proprietary; you could extract the text, though entries with attachments are harder.

In the future I plan to store each entry in a separate RTF (or RTFD) file, so then they'll already be in your preferred format.

Re: Backup as RTF?