deeper use for Simon

I work in the Security industry and found that the transfer for quick despatch and a brief summary for patrols attending appears to slowed by the often found lack of proper software. Primarily monitoring/comms use a system that links sensors and alarm panels over phonelines. Whereby jobs get dispatched immediately but in a slow cumbersome way via RT or cellphone. Some companies used PDAs with scanners, but the multitude of firms and especially the small businesses appear to waste a lot of time verbally relaying the vital information the patrolman needs when attending a job. Relaying the information back is even mire frustrating. Several companies are tackling this problem but none have made a concerted effort in using a proper and user-friendly system that will make multitasking a breeze.
Currently all security companies are using the other cheaper computers with the usual problems but had a quick look at Simon and suspect with a few modifications will be an excellent tool for security needs.

Just think about it. It may revitalize and inject a bigger interest I Mac sales with much more reliable OS than they're currently using.
As security is only a minor niche, emergency services could use this system too.

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Re: deeper use for Simon

I do think that many customers use Simon for security monitoring of various kinds, though mostly in terms of website security.

I agree that it could be leveraged in interesting ways for more conventional security too. Though I wouldn't want the liability of protecting banks and such! (I certainly can't make promises about performance, since there are many factors that could interfere.)

Re: deeper use for Simon

The current program most are using is called Patriot v.6.
Not that good but relatively simple to use.

The problem seems to be 'ghost signals', basically from broken or disconnected sensors like Passive Infrared (PIR). For some stupid reason it keeps pinging on these broken links and even when ignored it just comes back. But for some reason no one bothers to fix this.
The advise we were given was to reboot the server.

Anyhoo, I'm intrigued with your current programs and am eager to try them out.

Richard K