Gidday I'm Richard K

Gidday I'm Richard K.

I used to go to school with David back when he was still Captain Socks. And the school actually gave him a commendation for that.
Favorite past time was playing a modified version of Monopoly.
Have had one Mac a few years ago. Wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Dismantled the whole thing but still couldn't get to work. Found that my external Iomega zipdrive worked better than the internal version of the Mac.
My main reason for not converting to a Mac is the price. If it was a couple of grand cheaper no worries.

back in the stone age when we learned everything on an AppleMac and the little square box that would revolutionize the use of every computer was aptly called a Turtle. Funny how the turtle became a mouse.

So before y'all kick me out for trolling on this Forum, remember I used to go to school with David and Neville back in the Eighties.

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Re: Gidday I'm Richard K

Hi Richard!

Yep, a blast from the past. For anyone wondering, the nickname "Captain Socks" came from me bucking the trend: the fashion in the school was to wear socks pushed down around the ankles, but I preferred them pulled up. I've always been one to do my own thing, rather than bow to peer pressure. And yes, the school gave me an award in recognition of my thinking for myself. All rather silly, but an early part of what made me who I am.

I don't remember playing Monopoly... but I did spend a lot of time playing and designing a modified "Traveler" sci-fi role-playing game. That was fun. I still have my spaceship drawings and typewriter-written manual.

The turtle was from the Logo language — "turtle-graphics". That was fun.

You should give Macs another go; they much cheaper nowadays, and in fact cheaper than equivalently-configured PCs. Sure, you can always find cheaper PCs with minimal features, but you get what you pay for.

If you've got an iPhone and/or iPad, having a Mac is just as pleasant an experience. (And if not, you're missing out!)

Re: Gidday I'm Richard K

There were two Mac's or Apple that I really liked. One was the Cube, and then later the monitor with the PC in the Monitor.

I know its OT but have fixed my first laptop (Asus Notebook) again. My replacement laptop is a Toshiba Satellite. And my Desktop that definitely needs replacing to something else is a cheapy IBM clone aptly named Acer. It never came with a floppy drive, but my fifteen year old one from my first PC works quite well in there. (have had 25 PCs in 15 years - always the same problems).

Now then Dave, I'm fairly sure someone in the Space-D&D was using the handle Vomisa...
For some reason I never got into role playing... was more into cars... still am.
Most of the computer games I had when I was younger like the Atari 2600 or the Commodore 64 (not the Holden) I've now got on my not-so-smart phone.

As the cellphones became smaller my first one was a Nokia 'brick'. got rid of that and got a Sony Ericsson. The normal cellphones got replaced by the PDA type pre-smart computer phones that everyone that now has a Galaxy S3 (I don't) thought they'd never have such a big phone like my SE910i, then my SE990i, then skipped the Xperia 1. 8 and 10 to get an Xperia Neo for free. Then bought an Xperia 10 (that's a mistake) and currently use an Xperia Play. Can't do half the stuff with the Xperia's that i could do with the old PC phones. Like free internet.
But it is nice to use Play for my old favorite Atari games.

Saw your bro neville a few times on the Shore, but that was about ten years ago. Been busy living and working in South Auckland in a most peculiar occupation. Sure... the pay is lousy, but they're not paying me to think much. Just observe and report (not even that).
That's one reason why having a not-so-smart phone and a laptop are so handy in my job.

I'm looking to get an iPad. Because it will be much handier than my current Notebook in taking it with me on the road.

Ok rambled on long enough.

Richard K

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Re: Gidday I'm Richard K

Hi Richard,

I never owned a Cube, though I liked the design. I currently use a 27" iMac. I've used various Mac models over the years, from desktop towers, laptops, and the iMac style. I like the large screen on the iMac, and don't need portability; I just take my iPad and iPhone on vacations; that's all I need.

Re: Gidday I'm Richard K

yes I figure our lifestyles are totally different.

where are you spending your holidays? Still in the US or planning a vacation Down Under?

I'm stuck at work. have my usual permanent 40pw gig and a couple on-call one-offs. In the new year turnover I'm working on my day off.

I can usually get stuff from DSE on Instant Finance, but I'm still considering if an iPad is the right thing for me. Considering its 10hour battery life that sounds pretty good on an 8hour shift.
I'm also interested in that Time-Out program of yours.

Can so remember you zoned in and hunched over the library computer at Long Bay College.
(College in New Zealand is similar to High School in the US).
Currently always have to set my phone on an hour interval for welfare's at work, but when I'm on my computer its easy to forget about the time.

Kinda trying to decide to splash out a deposit on an iPad.
There are currently three models available here:

APPLE iPad2 Wi-Fi 16GB Black
APPLE iPad2 Wi-Fi/3G 16GB White
APPLE iPad2 Wi-Fi/3G 16GB Black

Needless to say the one without 3G is 200 bucks cheaper.
There are certain programs I use that may not be compatible with a Mac despite the intel chip.
One is a photo editing tool I've used since day one and recently upgraded to its latest version (ThumbsPlus9).
Another is a very fast downloader (IDM).
PDF Acrobat Reader is important for work memos.
And not sure if my JPEG photos on SD-cards and Flash-drives are cross-over compatible, or if I need to convert the language at some point.

You see its not an easy task to jump from one format into another when its drummed in that the two are not compatible unless we're using Linux ;)
But that was then.

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Re: Gidday I'm Richard K

My wife and I will be visiting her Mom for Xmas, then heading down to Ashland (6 hours south) for a few nights.

Isn't the iPad 4th generation available there yet? It has a nice retina display. Though the iPad 2 is still a nice device. The iPad mini is also very nice; I use an iPad 3 at my desk and an iPad mini in bed.

Anyway, which one you choose depends on your needs. I usually get WiFi-only, 64 GB, black. I don't travel enough to need a 3G model (and have my iPhone when I do). And 16 GB is probably plenty for most people, unless you want to load it with lots of movies.

On the Mac, there are products like Parallels to enable you to run Windows at the same time as OS X. You can probably get away with switching to Mac apps for everything, though. In your examples, there are plenty of great photo editing apps for Mac; there are fast downloaders, though they are an illusion anyway; PDF support is built-in; JPEG is cross-platform, and Macs can easily read SD cards and flash drives.

So, easier than you might think!

Check out Apple's pages on Why you'll love a Mac and Mac basics for more info.

Re: Gidday I'm Richard K

might turn me into a convert yet.

It'll probably be decided in the new year.

Did you have any contact with other old friends from school?

Richard Flyger is a dentist (like his father) at a military base in Upper Hutt.
Mark Nettleton works for ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) at Skywalker Ranch, or they might've moved. Its a bit tricky to keep up.
A couple of times a year I need some safety gear for my work and I get a very nice discount from Marie Williams (Allen) who works at Protector Safety in Highbrook (that's a new industrial suburb of East Tamaki).
Ofcourse these are the success stories, some of our old friends have met their maker or are following the dark side of life.
I've figured that if none show on Facebook, Old Friends, or LinkedIN, then either they've sworn off technology or they've simply met with an untimely demise.

For a good decade I was immersed in the fantasy Xena: Warrior Princess television series. For me it was a chance to hone my skills as a writer.

Google up my name and you'll see most of the fantasy short stories I published online. It was a writing exercise to see if I could. There are about twenty short stories, and several original fiction stories floating about as well as three scripts that I wrote. Can't claim any money for them because its fan-fiction.
an old friend of the family helped with writing exercises and especially developing the imagination. I liked fast paced and leading my readers into the next page. End of chapters were a hint of more to come. You take an object like a matchstick and discuss a multitude of point of views about the matchstick. What initially were three or four lines of an idea soon became 16 pages of 8000 words. The irony is that 44 pages of script is also 8000 words.
At some point I got writers block. probably self inflicted... you wouldn't think so with my current ramblings.

Writing and speaking a lot is what I do.
At some point I got sick from all those fanatics and stalkers out there and I got out. I'm 99% out from that kind of fanaticism.
My focus is mostly on toy car collecting, and that has shifted to selling.
I'm more or less borderline broke and manage to scrape out a living with a no-brainer job that is incredibly boring for thinkers.
Security is not hard work. You have to be alert all the time, and above all everything in security is the complete opposite of real life.
Because I'm in this particular occupation a book i was writing had to be shelved for the time being. Its aptly named 'Security For Dummies' and it will reveal everything you thought about security that no one must know. But its only the POV of NZ security, although aspects I have gleaned from colleagues who have worked in the industry overseas.
Its a thankless job. and your always running interference in peoples lives. I've met some interesting characters, all walks of life. At this stage of my life I don't see myself do anything else.
I get paid to do nothing. Is there anything easier?
So keeping my mind occupied is just my hobby which can be quite expensive to upkeep.

Going to stop here... else you'll need to print it out.

Richard K

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Re: Gidday I'm Richard K

No, I don't have a lot of contact with old friends. I've occasionally taken a look at the Old Friends site, and tried to contact some people there, though with mixed results. Most of my best friends seem to have dropped off the grid. For example, you mentioned Marie Williams (nee Allen); she used to be a student librarian, as you'll remember, but her email address at Old Friends bounced. If you have a current contact for her, please let me know (preferably via email — don't want to publish people's email addresses in a public forum).

My wife enjoyed writing fan-fic for a number of years, though she hasn't done so for a while. I've never gotten into that, though I enjoyed proofreading her stories.

Security does sound like a tough profession... long stretches of boredom interspersed with brief critical and perhaps dangerous activity. My mother-in-law is in that field, too, so I know something about it. It's good if you can find ways to keep your mind occupied, though.

Re: Gidday I'm Richard K

yes, been wounded in the line of duty. mostly my pride.

noticed that Marie's email doesn't work. Makes you wonder if the phones do.

Got a few emails floating about. Two of them got hacked which was really frustrating.

The other frustrating part is remembering all the passwords.

sometimes am forced to change as sites like Youtube, Google gmail or Paypal gets hacked.
That's the downside of using PCs.
Had to change my credit card a couple months ago because someone in the US had got hold of everything. Paypal ofcourse denies they were hacked, but I traced where it occurred.
My Bank alerted me that the thieves tried to steal US$600 from my account. It bounced and that's how they knew, but for the rest they tried to pass the buck, that there was nothing they could do.

Makes one wonder that with all the technology in the world available at ones fingertips that the authorities can't catch a credit card number thief. Or that the bank says they can't do anything.

Speaking of Banks... they tried to convince me that any transfers from other accounts takes three days to process. You'd think that with the digital age it would be instantaneous. Its not. Cybermoney is stuck in Hyperspace for three working days despite the technology revolution (from analog to digital or fibre-optics). Its funny that I remember a field-trip to a BNZ branch in the CBD back in 1985 where they said exactly the same thing... three working days... and those were the tape rolls oversized calculators.
Banks holding onto my digital money overnight is my greatest frustration.

By the way. Had a serious girlfriend relationship once. It didn't work out and she went back to Israel (She was a Zionist Jew). After that decided to take it slow.
I find it interesting that after my brother Erwin separated from his wife (of seven years matrimony) that all his new girlfriends were interested in only him and I did not exist at all.
Maybe I've accepted that I'm destined to be on my own...

rambling again... need to go to the post office to send some packages across the countryside