DejalViewActivityView problems with autolayout

I´m trying to integrate the DejalBezelActivityView in my project but I´m coming through some trouble regarding autolayout.
The project uses autolayout and due to its complexity I can´t avoid working without it.
The thing is that I have a uiviewcontroller with different objects on it, labels, uiimageviews, buttons, ... I try to add the dejalBezel Avctivityview the usual way:

[DejalBezelActivityView activityViewForView:self.view withLabel:NSLocalizedString(@"Searching...",nil)];

where self.view is the main view of the controller. The problem is that the indicator doesn´t appear in the screen till it´s removed, and only it does for a moment. During the time it should be showing nothing appears and at the end it appears just for that mentioned moment but in a different position than it should. It appears at the left top of the view.

By some testing i have done i think it´s related to the autolayout but not 100% sure. Does it have some limitation working with autolayout? Or maybe is another problem? I´m working in ios7 xcode 5.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: DejalViewActivityView problems with autolayout

I haven't used it with autolayout myself. I don't know if others have used it successfully or not. I wouldn't expect an issue, but I don't know.

As mentioned in the readme, I can't really provide support for open source projects. I would appreciate it if you would work on tracing the issue yourself, and if you find and fix an issue in DejalActivityView, please provide the fix to me so I can share it with others.