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Ipad, Iphone app


I know this has been brought up before but I'm looking to get an update.

I am really enjoying this app but i would be able to get even more use out of it if I could access it easily on iPad and iPhone and sync it across these devices. How far away is this from becoming a reality, if at all?

Tom K

David Sinclair's picture

Re: Ipad, Iphone app

Hi Tom,

I'm glad you're enjoying Caboodle. I do still have plans for an iOS edition, and I have the beginnings of a redesign of the data storage to enable that, but I probably won't be ready to start on an iOS app for a while yet. I can't say when I'll get to this, but definitely not this year. I can't make any promises or even suggestions on future plans. Just know it's still something I want to do.