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SFTP Upload Revisited?

I had asked a similar question in 2010.

The same customer that I installed Simon for then is running an older version. Until recently they had been allowed to use FTP to upload their Simon reports to a web server. FTP is no longer available on that web server.

Do newer Simon versions allow secure uploads?

If it doesn't, has anyone here written a shell script that could be cron'd to upload a folder and all subcontents every n minutes?


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Re: SFTP Upload Revisited?

Simon's report upload mechanism hasn't changed; SFTP isn't supported.

I'm not aware of a script to handle uploads, but I'd welcome replies from anyone who has done this.

Re: SFTP Upload Revisited?

Thanks for the speedy response. If I come up with a solution I'll happily share it.

Re: SFTP Upload Revisited?

To follow-up on my previous question, here is one solution.
I ended up writing a shell script that used scp. I didn't want to put user credentials in the script, so I had to set up shared keys between the simon machine and the web server for that to work.
Then I configured launchd to call this simple script every 3 minutes.

#! /bin/bash
scp -r -q /Users/simon/Desktop/simon/status/* :/Library/WebServer/Documents//users/simon/status