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Fabulous update

Long time user of TimeOut Free - got v2 yesterday and subscribed today as I've really benefitted from the reminders to move around and take a break from the screen.

Really nice to see the ability to set multiple break timers. Love the calm.com and other theme integrations for break appearance too.

I've a couple of minor issues.
1. When Time Out starts up it's always showing the preferences window
2. (see attached) Tips Shorted theme on dark background has dark text.. (fyi Tips Longer shows white text on same colour/opacity of background)
3. When previewing a theme - would be good to have a way to escape out of it.. if like me, you disable the skip and postpone options - you're stuck!

Great up-grade/date.
Many thanks

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Re: Fabulous update

  1. It shows it when the Dock is shown, as I'm not aware of a way to distinguish the automatic launch from a manual one, and not showing the preferences when you open it would be confusing. If you hide the Dock icon, it's fully in the background.
  2. The text colors can't be changed at present, but you can choose a lighter background. If you're comfortable with HTML, you could edit the theme.
  3. Good point... maybe I should always show at least one button (e.g. "Done") when previewing.

Thanks for the feedback and support!