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reset micro and normal break timers at the end of normal breaks

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to automatically reset both the normal and micro break timers at the END of the normal break?

For example, I want to rest my eyes for 20 seconds every 20 minutes and then take a 10 minute break after an hour of work. Repeat.

Cycle 1:
09:00 start timers
09:20 first micro break
09:40 second micro break
10:00 third micro break/normal break (10 minutes for the normal break)

Cycle 2:
10:30 DESIRED fourth micro break
10:50 DESIRED fifth micro break
11:10 DESIRED sixth micro break/normal break
and so on...

10:10 normal break ends
10:20 ACTUAL fourth micro break (occurs 20 minutes after the last micro break started)
This is the problem. I don't want to take a break after only 10 minutes of work. That is distracting, and I inevitably skip the break causing the timers to become out of synch.

Thanks for any ideas you may have!

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Re: reset micro and normal break timers at the end of normal ...

You could increase the auto-skip interval for the Micro break (defaults to 5 minutes), to whatever minimum work time you wish.

It isn't possible to reset the timers after a break, but you could add fixed-time breaks. Supporters can add more breaks, and set Available time ranges.