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Reset timer

I had my microbreaks set to ~10s. However, that would reset too easily, esp. when I was reading. So in v1, I was able to set it to only reset after 3 minutes, and that seemed to work well.

In v2, the only way to get that behavior is to either set the microbreak duration to 3m, or to select "Continue countdown". The first option is a little clunky because it means that I take my 10s break and then have to click "skip". The second option is even worse because the microbreaks become completely decoupled from the full breaks. i.e., I could have a microbreak minutes after coming back from a full break.

Any better workarounds? Or any plans for improved support in future versions? Thanks! Love the app!


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Re: Reset timer

Hi Carl,

Try the Pause Countdown or Count Backwards options. You might like getting a credit for your natural breaks.

I might add a customizable Reset After... option in the future, if none of the existing options work for people.