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Window does not open when clicking dock icon

Dear David,

Thank you for your quick response on my previous post. I was able to become a supporter through the website. I like to report the following thing, which I didn't see posted here yet.

When having timeout icon in the dock, it is very hard to get the settings screen up from the dock. It does not come up on clicking the icon shortly. I had to fiddle around (for instance show all screens of app and then press app in dock again twice) to get it up. Clicking the icon in the bar on top works fine though, so I can still edit all the settings, view activity etcetera.



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Re: Window does not open when clicking dock icon

Hi again Jessica,

Hmm, the preferences window should show up immediately when you click the Dock icon.

Are you using multiple Spaces? I have noticed that apps can open their window in a different Space than the active one, or the system can show the wrong Space. This can affect all apps, not just Time Out. I use Spaces, and Time Out shows up as expected. Perhaps try cycling through the Spaces (trackpad 4-finger swipe or Cmd-Left/Right). Or just clicking the app icon again should work.

Note also that if you hide and show the Dock icon, the OS can get a little confused until after switching to another app. That shouldn't normally be an issue, though.