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Work timer keeps counting after lid closed (Breaks longer than work period)

I am using this for my health issue where I need longer breaks than work times.
Main: 1 hr work/ 10 hr break
Micro: 15 min work/ 45 min break

1. The main issue I'm having is the work timers continues after I suspend my Mac.
2. The main work timer also continues during micro-breaks which is problematic for me because I have very long micro-breaks.
3. Third minor issue my initial micro work time is supposed to be 15 minutes but it always starts off as 30 minutes. The break period is 45 minutes. Not sure if that long micro break period is it throwing off

Really like the style of the app though.

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Re: Work timer keeps counting after lid closed (Breaks ...

A change in version 2.3 was to continue the timers after waking, if the Mac was asleep for less than the duration of the break. That might be affecting you, though seems the correct behavior.

It is rather unusual to have such long breaks, though, and breaks significantly longer than the work interval. It's possible that could cause an issue, though should be fine.

All break timers run continuously. You can control whether they continue to count down to the next break while idle, or count up instead, or just pause the counter. The latter might be what you want?

Re: Work timer keeps counting after lid closed (Breaks ...

The problem is closing the lid during work, not during break. I would like to limit my time to one hour a day on the computer automatically. I know it is unusual but it would be great if it would work when breaks are longer than work time. I get pain from using computer and have to limit it significantly. Was hoping this app can help automate that. People with concussions also could use this.

I have already set both Micro and Main timers to pause the counter but I still have the same issue. Again the issue is with the work timer not the break timer. I haven't checked the break timer yet.

Would it be possible to test the condition on your end with breaks longer than work time? Also keeping an eye on the micro break being included into the main work time which does not seem right?

I also noticed the work timer does not reset the next day. Not sure if that's an option but that would be nice.

Thank you for your help so far!

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Re: Work timer keeps counting after lid closed (Breaks ...

The Break Schedule option to "Reset this break after a natural break longer than __" might be helpful in your situation. If you enable that, the timer should reset when you wake the Mac, and thus start counting down your hour of work.