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Why need to login Apple Id to purchase?

like the subject
I really like your software and want to support it
however, type in apple id account make me a little bit worried,
could you confirm that dejal won't store it or steal it? or there is any solution?

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Re: Why need to login Apple Id to purchase?

When you authorize the purchase in the Mac App Store edition of Time Out, the app doesn't receive the email address (or password for that matter); it's handled "out-of-process" by macOS.

After purchasing, the app does ask you for your name and email address, so it can register your purchase with the Dejal server. This enables you to look up your purchase later (or on another Mac) via the "Restore Previous Purchases" button. I won't sell that information, or use it to spam you.

If you prefer, you can instead purchase via the website, but then you'll need to enter your credit card or PayPal info (which again I won't receive; it's handled by the payment processor), plus the same registration as above.