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Incoming Mail IMAP via SSL


I would like to use Simon's Port Service to communicate with an IMAP-Server over SSL.
The existing Service that works on Port 143 (withou SSL), where I can define the fields for the "IMAP-Talk" is a good workplace to define the communication.

BUT, there is no way (I can see), to activate SSL.
I tried to change the Port to 993, but nothing happens.

In my case, I want to talk to different IMAP-Servers, both on Port 993 and 143 with SSL. How can I get it working in Simon?

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Re: Incoming Mail IMAP via SSL


Check out the Incoming Mail (POP) via SSL service. It's a script to check communication with a POP server via SSL; you could duplicate it and modify for IMAP. Though it might work without any modification, or just tweak the grep match.

It basically is just a one-line script:

openssl s_client -connect {Server name}:{Server port} < /dev/null | grep '^+OK '