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exclusion options

I would like to have the option of specifying an exclusion in the event that an app is playing, not just when it is foremost.

Sometimes, I might have iTunes uppermost, but not playing anything, and I still want to be reminded via audible alerts that it's time to take a break. In this case, the fact that an app is foremost is not the relevant criterion. Most relevant is whether the app is playing anything.

Not sure if that's possible, but if so, consider this a request!

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

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Re: exclusion options

Detecting what an app is doing is a bit more specific than is feasible as a general case. However, it may be possible to detect if iTunes is playing, since that involves the sound output. There are already action scripts to pause and play iTunes around breaks. Though using scripts for skipping isn’t currently feasible... but an interesting idea.