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Feature Request: Don't show control panel

Following the advice from your blog to create breaks for blinking reminders here: https://www.dejal.com/blog/2019/02/time-out-tip-dry-eye-blink-reminders

However, it's still kind of annoying to see the control panel for 1 second, especially since I am using the 'None' Theme and can use the Actions to flash the screen a lot faster than 1 second.

I think it would be great if you could set a break's time to 0 seconds or somehow disable the control panel for a break and it wouldn't show up, allow us to use the Actions to fully customize the break itself.

Anyways thanks for the amazing app!

Note: I am using the above configuration more for a "posture" correction to stop slumping over. So far it's helping a lot! So also thanks for saving my back!

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Re: Feature Request: Don't show control panel

Thanks for the suggestion and kind words. That's an interesting idea. The combination of zero duration and no panel does make sense, especially for frequent blink/posture reminders. I could imagine other uses when a zero duration and no controls would make sense, e.g. when the break action started the screensaver or shut down the Mac.

I have added that to my feature ideas list, and may consider it for the next update, along with similar changes, though no promises.