2007-09-17: Dejal celebrates its 16th anniversary

Dejal turns sweet 16, celebrates with discounts for all.

PORTLAND, Oregon -- September 17, 2007 -- David Sinclair of Dejal announced today, "I first started selling Mac software under the Dejal name in September 1991... which makes this Thursday the 16th anniversary of the founding of the company."

As a celebration of this event, Dejal is offering discounts on all of their products from today till the end of the week. No special codes or coupons required, but interested customers need to use the online store, not the in-app purchasing tool, to take advantage of these low prices.


Be quick -- these specials expire on Sunday, September 23, 2007.

Dejal products include Simon, a website and server monitoring tool; Time Out, a free break reminder tool; Caboodle, a text and graphic snippet keeper, BlogAssist, a handy HTML markup assistant, and more.


Press Contact:

David Sinclair
Dejal Systems, LLC

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