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New/Edit Notifier Window

The New Notifier and Edit Notifier windows. This window is typically accessed via the Notifiers window when the File > New Notifier... or File > Edit Notifier... menu commands or the corresponding toolbar buttons are chosen.

This window is divided into five sections. Below is a brief description of each; click on the section name or "tell me more" link for more information about each:

Name: The top section only includes a field where you can name this notifier. Enter any name that has meaning for you; it is used for display only.

Notifier Options: This and the following sections can be hidden or shown by clicking on the disclosure triangle. This section lets you specify how this notifier should be categorized: for changes, for failures, for notifications, or some combination. Some notifiers are useful for all, but some (e.g. that have text saying a site is down) are only appropriate for a specific type of event. [Tell me more....]

Notifier Kind: Choose the notifier plug-in from this pop-up menu. Simon uses plug-ins to provide the actual notification functionality, allowing greater flexibility and expandability. When you choose a notifier kind from this menu, the fields below change accordingly. [Tell me more....]

Automatically Pause Notifier: This feature allows you to suspend this notifier on specified days (or any day) and times, without stopping the check from occurring. Useful to avoid receiving notifications at inconvenient times, like when you're asleep. [Tell me more....]

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