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Is it possible to share my Caboodle document (not the application) across a network so that my 2 Macs at home can both deal with the same data? This would be a lot easier than trying to sync it up somehow.

Feature I'd on side of screen

I like your product and just bought it. I wish it had some of the features of Yojimbo, specifically drag and dropping of pdf, word files, snippets, and also a convenient tab on the side of my screen that pops open the categories so I can just drop stuff in the right place without opening the whole app up.

some suggestions for Caboodle

First off, I want to highly praise Caboodle as being the best note-taking app out there. I've tried many and found that they either do "too much" (Yojimbo) or "too little" (myNotes). Caboodle is in the position to be the best compromise between quick and easy note taking with enough flexibility to be fit your organization patterns/needs. Great job!

I'd like to enter the conversation by making some creative suggestions for the future growth of Cab.

Features to consider
• entry importing
• exporting entry as HTML
• easier way to change entry icon/bullet (by right click) and
⁃ a set of included icons (a dozen would be nice)
• entry templates, say one for contacts
• temporary de-encrypt to view an entry (but keeps the entry encrypted)
• ability of resize inserted images
• ability to email an entry

Rough ideas
• formatting of the entries, so that parent items are "brighter/bolder" than child items.
• Ability to apply formatting to the entry list based on simple rules (might necessitate a "tag" feature). Example: all entries tagged home are turned blue.
• Allowing to group entries by folders rather than parent/child list hierarchy. (Note, other note programs that use the folder paradigm physically keep entries in a "master library" which, in my opinion, makes organization much more difficult. So, if a folder paradigm was adopted, entries should still only exist in one location -- the folder it is put in).
• .mac publishing (viewable without caboodle) or backup of data file (only viewable with caboodle)

Okay, enough from me. Best wishes and happy new year!

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