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I've been working merrily along in Caboodle, and relying very litte on scattered .txt files to keep track of things.

I have noticed, however, that Spotlight doesn't seem to find Caboodle's that have relevant text content. Is there some way of enabling Spotlight's indexing of them?

Preferences Bug?

I'm new to Caboodle, so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I searched high and low and saw no reports of this.

I would really prefer that the Ruler be turned off by default, as in general usage I have little use for it. It seems like the option in the preferences "Show ruler for new entries" should be the ticket, but this option seems to have absolutely no effect. A ruler is always shown for new entries.

In addition, if I am viewing an entry I can hide the Ruler from the Text menu "Show Ruler" option. However, if I return to this entry at a later moment, the ruler is shown again.

My preference would be for a global "Ruler/No Ruler" option, but setting it on a case-by-case basis is fine too once the preference starts sticking, and the state of the individual entries is saved too.

I've also noticed that a blue halo remains around the preferences checkbox even when unchecked - this strikes me as odd, and thought I'd mention it in case it was related to the bug.

Thanks for any feedback,


Multiple "Packs"

How does one open and save a new document containing the entries and notes?

Shown here are eleven more words to meet the word minimum.

And a few more 'cuz the counter can't count!

PDF appearance

I dropped a pdf containing a 200 dpi grayscale scan into Caboodle. The resulting display is distinctly lower quality than the same file in Acrobat or Preview at (approximately) the same magnification, 75%.

Screenshots on demand.

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