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1.1.2 (1011)

Feature Request: Entries Linked to Keyboard Shortcuts

The first entry in my Caboodle "Library" is simply called "TODO", which contains a list of things that I want to do soon (duh!).

The point is, it's an entry which I access much more frequently than any other entry.

This got me thinking it would be nice if there was a good way to quickly access certain entries which I look at more often than others. My thought was to have a (user-assignable?) keyboard shortcut for that particular entry. Basically, I would like to be able to hit "Command-1" (or Command-T or Ctrl-G or whatever) to select a particular entry.

A natural extension of this would be to have a multiple different entries linked to different keyboard shortcuts. I could for example imagine ten slots (Command-1 through Command-0) linking the user to their 10 most used entries.

From a UI standpoint, I can imagine at least two different ways to do this:

1) Have a preference pane, where people indicate the entry (and possibly the key combination). However unless you can drag/drop the entry into the preference pane, it would be really tough to specify the entry easily.

2) Have a dropdown menu of possible keyboard shortcuts (ie "None", and Command-1 through Command-0) available for each entry, so you select the shortcuts via the entries themselves.

Naturally I haven't got a clue how easy/hard any of this is to accomplish, but thought I would throw it out there.

I do notice that "Command-1" is already linked to "Show Caboodle".


Image well icons not always permanent

Occasionally, icons set in the image well revert back to a question mark.

So far I haven't used any custom icons ... I just set the standard green ball.

Problem is infrequent and only mildly annoying. Otherwise, love the program.

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