Question About Tables

Is there a way to insert a row into an already existing table ... not at the end, but before or after a row anywhere in the body of the table?

Annotation tool inside Preview

Preview has an Annotation tool where you create a box and type in a note to a PDF (and other files Preview opens, I suppose).

If you drag a PDF into Caboodle, double click so that the file opens in Preview, then annotate, that annotation doesn't appear in Caboodle. Is is possible that it could?


Automatic Start on Login Error

During startup I sometimes receive the following dialog:

Unable to load the editor window
Please quit and try again

I then have to start up Caboodle manually.

Turn Caboodle into an alternative Dock

Just discovered this ... (even if it is kinda geeky)

You can use the "Link" command to provide links to files and software on your hard disk. Put file://Macintosh HD/Applications/.app in the Link window and you'll have a clickable link on a Caboodle page.

You can also grab a program icon by holding down the control key and selecting an application, then choose "Show Package Contents." The software will "open" like a folder, with files and folders inside. Now open the "Resources" folder. You should see something with a filename that will tell you it's the program icon. Drag that file into a Caboodle page.

Now select the icon and press Link. Inside the Link window, type in the address. Now the icon is a fully clickable icon, just like your Dock.

It's a great way to make seldom used icons handy.


A couple of questions

1) Is it possible to have multiple Caboodle windows?

2) It would be cool if you could drag an entry onto the desktop or into a folder and it would appear as its own file.

3) It also would be cool if you could add a few features for to-do lists, maybe a checkbox or a time/date stamp

4) Is there a way to add rows to the table on the fly, or are the rows decided when the table is created?


I'm fascinated by the icons but I'm having trouble finding some that look good in Caboodle. The little green gumdrop looks nice. Could we get different colors?

Seems like that little image well needs to be bigger. BTW, the image well seems unaffected by undos. Seems like a right click on a mouse should call up cut/copy/paste, tho it doesn't. A pasted homegrown icon looked fine in sidebar. If I dragged it into the image well, it was much smaller, shoved into the lower left corner.


Storing License Files in Caboodle?

How do I import a license file into Caboodle? i.e. The license.jai file for Caboodle and others which do not use a serial number. I need to be able to keep all of my license data in one place.



When trying to print, all I get is the date the item was created. I have looked around the web site but don't see anything pertaining to this. Could use a little help!!

Thanks Bob L.

Subfolder Encryption?

I'm using Caboodle for multiple journals and keeping each day as a separate child-entry on a folder (for each month) which is itself a child-entry on a year folder which (again!) is a child entry on a "Journals" folder.

I was wondering if I could simply encrypt the main "Journal" folder and have all the sub-folders inside of it also protected? Right now, I'm having to encrypt each entry. If not, would you consider this for future releases?


Narrator name

Thank you very much for Narrator.
I use it for entertaining.
I previously had suggested a karaoke function.
I look forward to it being able to use the new Apple voices in OSX 10.5.

I've heard that Microsoft has a text to voice feature called Narrator.
Is this a PC version of your great software?

I wasn't sure if you were aware of this matter.

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