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Searching inside PDFs

Is there any chance Caboodle could perform searches inside PDFs?

Url customization

Using the link button opens a place to type the full URL, as does Edit Link on an existing URL. But the only way to customize the display text is to manually edit the resulting hyperlink.

How about adding a "Display As" or some such field to the initial link dialogue?

Inherit Siblings different from Child

Unless I misunderstand, right now, New Sibling and New Child to the same thing - create a new blank entry under the current Parent with the icon and custom Fields of the current Parent. (Way cool, by the way!)


How about having "New Child" inherit the icon and custom fields and keywords from the Parent, while having "New Sibling" inherit the icon and custom fields of the sibling being cloned?

An Example:
So, under Friends, I have Bob, with a custom icon of Bob, and keywords "Friend, bartender, square dancing"

I have a AIM chat with him, create a Child of Bob, and get a new entry with the same icon and keywords. Then I add a new keyword "AIM chat" and a couple of custom fields.

If I go up a level and do "New Child" I get a new entry with the icon of Bob the three keywords.

But if I do a new Sibling of the first chat, I could get the custom icon, the three keywords, AND the AIM chat keyword and custom fields.

Right now, I can do a workaround it by doing a New Child of the last chat, then pulling it up a level, making it a sibling of the first one, or I could do a whole new Child of Bob called Chats with Bob with the custom fields, and put all the chats there. But it could be handy to have the different functionality between New Child and New Sibling.

Cross-link, or "see also"

I saw in another thread an idea for aliases, and while this is similar, I think it is different enough for another post.

I'd like to be able to open one entry ("Entry 1') , and then select another item (Entry 2") from the entries list and drag it onto the new item.

The result I would like to see is a link to Entry 2 appear in the record for Entry 1. What would be great is if a new Field appeared, like "See also:" and a clickable link to Entry 2 showed up. If a "see also" field had previously been generated, a second (third, etc) link would be added.

Almost as good would be if a clickable link showed up in the body of the entry, similar to the way that a web URL appears now.

That way, for example, I could link a picture, included in Pictures of a recipe served at a party, and stored with other party pics, to the recipe, without copying it. Or, link a blog entry or project record to contact information about that person.


Is there any way to search text that is entered in the body of the record rather than just keywords used in the header?

20 years ago I used a DOS program called MemoryMate that was a freeform database where I could search for any word or phrase used anywhere on any record.

The following quote from the user guide would indicate this functionality, but mine doesn't seem to work this way. "it contains a search field, which you can use to quickly find any entry. Simply begin typing in the search field, and Caboodle will immediately begin searching, and will list just the entries that contain the entered phrase. It will also highlight the search text in those entries."



PDF Export

Is there a way to turn off some of the information that is exported to pdf? Specifically this stuff. It would make certain things i'd like to do MUCH easier.

Created: 2005-09-04 21:59:31 -0600
Modified: 2005-09-04 21:59:31 -0600
Subject: Pictures

What I'm wanting to do is use caboodle to create and organize a bunch of info (of course) and then export parts as pdf and use automator to combine them into a single pdf. When doing this tho, every element will have the extra unnecessary information.

Will see if I can find my own workaround, but was hoping you had an easy method.

The reason for this is to use caboodle to manage different types of patterns that can be combined in different ways, hence wanting to keep them in separate entries. Also for recipe management. This way I can use caboodle as the database, then pick and choose how to put together a pdf 'book'.

Thanks in advance for your response!

Default font, size, color

How can I change the default font, size and color? I use an uncommon font, 14 point and blue, and I would like to make this my default so I don't have to change every time I start a new note.

Caboodle Suggestions

I am trying Caboodle today and it is something that has been missing from the Mac platform, i.e. an efficient note filing/clipboard saving system. I miss ClipMate from my PC days, which just captures anything that one highlights and saves, all performed in the background. Caboodle has some elements of that.

Since I am a list maker and article saver, I wonder if you could think about adding the following capabilities:
1. Sort lists alphabetically made in Caboodle documents
2. Allow the user to make simple outlines either with your list or table functions. I find when I have multiple tasks in multiple projects, it is handy to work with hierarchical lists.
3. Give an option for the delete key to delete a Caboodle entry without having a confirmation window to deal with. You have an Undo function to recover with if necessary.
4. Have an option to have a new Caboodle file made when any text is saved from mail, webpages or documents. Also have a toggle to turn off this function in the Caboodle Dock menu. New captures could be brought in as Children under the Sibling called Clippings.
5. I dragged a pdf onto a Caboodle note and it overwrote it. I don't think that that should happen.

Looking forward to using Caboodle.

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