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Apple Lion is here?


Are Caboodle and Time out compatible with Apple Lion? The application finder on the web showed no results.

How I loss my data

I use Caboodle to keep the manuals or documentations of hardware, coffee maker… These are PDF files. This morning, I put a big pdf file (219 Mo). By double clicking on this file, the file open in preview, caboodle quit suddendly and, when I reopen it, there is no more date in it… The only way to restore is time machine…
I've done this three times…
Éric Boissicat
Sorry for my poor english, but my mother was teaching it, not speaking it…

Caboodle is unclear on whether data is saved or not

I find Caboodle pretty useful as collector of small notes. However, one feature is pretty bad, and vital: Saving data. I havn't lost any data, but the problem is that I never know when that can happen. There is a "save entry" menu item, which is ALWAYS ENABLED. What does that mean? How do I know that EVERYTHING is saved? What happens if I save, or forget to save and move to another entry?

Can't find Caboodle in Services Menu

I am quite perplexed. I can not find Caboodle in my services menu. In any Cocoa application. It is a problem because I would love to use Caboodle to organize my TidBITS of information. I don't wish to tab through apps to copy and paste to do so. I've tried everything to make the Application Shortcut for Caboodle services to be accessible. And, yes, I'm using Cocoa apps. In fact, in the System Preferences, under Keyboard Shortcuts, I see (in All Applications) Add to Caboodle and Add Entry with Selection (which I added using directions on the Caboodle website). However, it does not show up anywhere! Ugh! I can send it to DevonThink (I'd really like to get rid of that option), Eaglefiler, Circus Ponies Notebook, and Slip Box. All well and good. But, I really want to use Caboodle for that information! I would appreciate your guidance. I did not ask for an urgent reply- but, this is really irritating. Thank you for your patience. Bob Zozus

Feature request -- summary tab and highlighter

I really appreciate the outline facility in Caboodle's left hand pane.

Something I'd like, that would appeal to the researcher/academic community, would be an alternative main content pane -- perhaps tabbed -- for a summary or extract.

Say you have loaded some academic papers, website articles, images etc under a theme heading. The summary -- or extract -- tab would give a short summary of the content and what its importance is.

I would also very much appreciate a colour highlighter for the same reason.

Together offers a good highlighter, but I'm not aware of an app out there that allows you to keep content and summarise what it is.

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