Please, could you make an option to hide the meter that shows how much time there's left of the break


I love your program - it makes me come back to reality from the cyberspace without having to monitor the time myself. Great!
Anyway, I have a suggestion.

I would prefer if it didn't show - for example - how many seconds there is until the break ends.
I would just prefer to enjoy my break without knowing how much time there's left.

So would it be possible to have an option to hide the 'show time left' ? : )

I would be much grateful!
Otherwise great program,

Greetings from Finland


Menu item instead of dock icon

I would like to see an option to hide the dock icon for Time Out and just see it as a menu item, with a menu where you can get at the preferences, start breaks, and such. (Much like you can in Macbreakz).

Make Time Out aquire focus!

If TO is hidden, breaks will take place in the background (sounds play etc), meaning: it doesn't work.

Please make Time Out aquire focus when a break starts!


Block keyboard activity?

First off, I wanted to say thanks for Time Out. I'm struggling to recover from a neck injury that's aggravated by computer use, and am a developer, which is a bad combination:) Within a couple of days of starting to use Time Out, I noticed a marked improvement in my neck.

Recently, I've started to notice that when a break appears, I can still type in the application I was using before the break appeared, even though I can't click on anything. It would be nice to at least have the option of blocking keyboard activity (though I'd argue it should be the default).

Thanks again for Time Out!

1-minute postponement cancels normal timeout

I've happened on some behavior that seems like a bug. Currently have normal timeouts set to "show button to postpone 1 minute", no other buttons set, all other settings at the defaults.

When I get prompted for a normal timeout, if I hit the postpone button, I don't get prompted for that timeout ever again.

I upgraded from 1.5.2 to 1.5.3 to see if this was fixed, but the behavior did not change. I'm trying different settings to isolate it, but it may take a few days since I'm not focusing on this.

Tips on transitioning to Time Out?

hi! this is my first post to the Dejal forums - thanks for creating Time Out - I can really appreciate the commitment you have to well being!

ok - this is not so much a technical issue but a "behavioral" issue - breaking bad habits.

I'll speak for myself first - perhaps some of you are in the same boat!

In a nutshell - I'm aware I get quite "glued" to my laptop esp when I feel like I'm in the zone and just want to keep going. Clearly chugging away for hrs on without a break in not healthy thus where Time Out comes in.

So my experience of Time Out is probably what it feels like for a chain smoker to stop cold turkey (I'm not a smoker, I just feel I can relate!)

My instinct is to keep going and I just have to retrain myself to take the break when it requests.

So this question is to those who have successfully gone over the chasm and made it thru to the other end:

Was it most effective to go cold turkey straight to "default settings" or change the settings a bit and gradually make your way to the defaults?

let me know if I'm not clear about my question!

Another sleep freeze problem

Ever since I installed Time Out on my PowerMac G4 (desktop), my computer has not been able to wake from sleep. I hit space, power, sdlfjghsdlfghkj, and it won't wake up. I have to hold the power button down until it shuts off.

I've tried quitting Time Out before I sleep, but no avail. And I'm fairly certain that the problem came from my installation of Time Out -- no other new changes to my machine.

Any ideas?

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