1.5.6 (1023)

Pref Pane instead of app? Independent sound volume?

1. I'd prefer Time Out to be a faceless app configured through a Preference Pane rather than an app which takes up Dock or menubar space. In Snow Leopard it's easy enough to select from the System Preferences dock icon's menu to jump directly to a specific prefpane to change its settings.

2. It would be nice to be able to set the volume of the sounds played in Time Out independently of the system volume control.


AppleScript request

TimeOut is great, but it interrupts my workflow when I'm Cmd-Tabbing between two apps. After a break, TimeOut becomes the second-frontmost app. I wish it would hide itself immediately after each break and not respond to Cmd-Tab.

Because it's possible to run a script at the end of each break, that seems like a good way to get the result I'm after. Trouble is, my scripting skills are out of date (by about 10 years). Can anyone advise me on how to hide TimeOut with an AppleScript?

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