More Caffeine

In another locked thread, someone requested Caffeine integration. You replied you had something better in mind, i.e. the ability to specify apps that were immune to Time Outs.

While your idea is definitely a good one, it is different, not better. :) We may not ever want to interrupt a paricular app, i.e. movie (which makes your idea a good one), but we also don't want to interrupt /any app/ while Caffeine is active. We may be swapping back and forth between three or four apps, but for the next hour (or however long we activated Caffeine), we don't want to be interrupted with a Time Out.

So, a +1 to a request for integration with Caffeine, defined as: if Caffeine is "active" (the cup shows full in the menu bar), that Time Outs don't occur.

Additional time on timeout?

Timeouts seem to have 40-45 seconds added to them over the amount of time shown in Preferences. IOW, if I have 2 minutes selected as the timeout, when the timeout actually occurs, the timer starts at 2:40. This isn't the fade-in time (which has already happened), and isn't the fade-out time (which doesn't start until the timer hits 0:00).

What is it, and, more importantly, how do we get rid of it? If I set the timeout for 2 minutes, I want the timeout to be, amazingly enough, 2 minutes. :)


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