Setting web link values

How do I use value 1 and value 2 in creating a web link?

When I copy text to the clipboard and paste it, I get the same result for both values. Obviously, I want to have the first value be the URL and the second value the link name. I can't seem to do this in the Blog Assist window either. Can't paste to value boxes.

Probing FileMaker Server

Is it possible to probe the status of FileMaker Server running at an ip address, knowing that FileMaker Server uses port 5003?

I've tried using the notation and received erratic results, fails most of the time even though the server and the computer it's running on are alive and well.


Application/Process running

I would like to have a test to see if a background process is running. Because it's a background process, the "Application" service doesn't work. I have tried the "Is App Running?" script from the Extras page, but it does not seem to be reliable. It will sometimes report failures even if the process is running. For example, I used it to test to see if Simon was running, and that test fails periodically, and I get notified! So clearly Simon was running the entire time, i.e. there was a false failure. I'm guessing it could be related to the Applescript test not being right all the time. Or, it *could* be that two regularly running osascript things on the machine collide. Perhaps only one can be running at once? (Doesn't seem likely, and doesn't seem likely that two would collide, but I can't think of any other reason.)

I also tried writing a shell script test (run 'ps -auxww', grep for the process name, and do a 'wc -l' to see if it is running) but was not successful with that.

Any ideas? Any other suggestions for checking to see if a background app/process is running?


Notifier: Create a file


I see there is a different notifiers,but

is it possible to get Dejal SImon to create a txt file as notifier ?
(the txt file should i.e contain:
{TestName} <{TestURL}> failed at {TestLastFailureTime} on {TestLastFailureDate}. )


Specific DNS not triggering failure on incorrect answer

I have created a 'Specific DNS' test to look for an IP match in the answer (as opposed to any valid IP). I entered a different IP to test the failure notification but it's not failing.

Do I need to do something special for this to work or is it a bug?

My settings are (example values used):

Service: Specific DNS
Name to lookup: example.domain.com
Name server address: ns1.domain.com
IP checking: Result must match:
Disable recursive queries: on (ticked)

Failure - Annoying buzzer

Testing a password-protected URL


I am trying to get Simon to query a page which is secure (using basic Apache htpasswd) but keep getting the following error:

Error: Error occurred: Error NSURLErrorDomain -1012

I have entered the username and password into Simon's security section for the test but it doesn't seem to work. The username/password combination work fine if I hit the same URL with Firefox...

...what am I missing?!

Many thanks.

Best wishes from London, UK.


new variables

It appears that the {TestLastRecoveryTime} and {TestLastRecoveryDate} variables do not report the correct time and date. This is running 2.2 on a G4 10.4.8.

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