Opacity automatically goes back to 100%

Opacity not working, it automatically goes back to 100% all the time, I want it to be 80%.

Break cancelled when laptop lid closed


I've been using Time Out for years, and find it a great product, but would appreciate your help with one issue.

On my MAC laptop (using El Capitan), I have configured Time Out so that it occasionally forces me to take a 15 minute break. However, if during one of these breaks, I close the laptop lid for 2 minutes, I observe that when I reopen the lid, Time Out cancels the break and allows me to continue working.

This is incorrect behaviour. Closing the laptop lid should not be acting as a "cancel break" button. As a result of this issue, when I am working, I have to leave the lid open all the time to ensure that Time Out gives me the correct breaks, which is a waste of battery power.

It should be possible for Time Out to know time times at which the laptop lid was closed and opened, and hence determine the length of time the lid was closed for, then to realise that this is much less than my 15 minute configured break, and so continue with the break after I open the lid.

I attach a PDF file containing the Time Out log file during one of these events.


Analog Clock Theme Watermark

The analog clock theme has a watermark with a text "html5andcss3.org", exactly as it is in the example you gave a link to. Could it possibly be removed? There's no any license requirement in this example, so you can freely modify its code.
Thanks for saving my eyes! ^_^

Timer works incorrectly

The timer on Normal break works incorrectly.

As you can see, it shows 45+ minutes even though my interval between breaks is set to 30 minutes.

Cannot Get actions to show up

On your home page movie you show Actions being clicked on and a full set of options show up. Including a message for the screen. I cannot get that to happen on my machine. I only get an empty screen asking me to click to add an action and when I do it does not show up any differently.

What am I doing wrong?

Emoji Zone error Japanese User

Time Out Good software
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12-Month Supporter

Emoji Zone
web site error

Thank you
macOS Sierra10.12.5

Wait for a natural break not working


I enjoy the reminders to take a break, but the time-outs can be very disruptive (with mine popping up in the middle of typing this, matter of fact)/ I have the Schedule "When this break is due:" as "Wait for a natural break" though this doesn't seem to have any effect and the setting is not adhered to by the timer. It simply barges in the room no matter what the sign on the door says... :}

Please help.


Save status on reboot - time to next break

I'm fairly new to Time Out, so forgive me if my question is answered somewhere else or is related to poor configuration on my side.

I found that with a reboot of my machine Time Out loses the time to the next break. Due times don't seem to be persistent. Is there a way to overcome this?

App problem - Turning on the computer

I bought your support for 3 month "TimeOut".
I have a problem: whenever my Imac turns on, the times of TimeOut restart from the time when the Imac turns off.
But I would to start by the set initial time.
How I can resolve the problem?

Thank you,

Timer problem

I want to work 15min and have a 15minute break, so I've set the timer as the attached image shows. 15min break every 30minutes. As you can see in the timer to the left, the timer shows its like 26minutes between break (due in xxx + done xxx ago). It is the highest order break, so that shouldn't matter.

Whats wrong/what can I have done wrong/or don't understand?

/Andreas New user

Timer stopped working in 2.2


Since I installed 2.2 and with 2.2.1 the timer simply stops advancing on the menu bar and breaks are never triggered.

I have enabled logging but I don't know what to look for

Any ideas? Can I rollback to before 2.2?


Please finish loading the app before the "check for updates?" dialog

I just realized that I was in pain today because Time Out hadn't been running. The reason? Because when my machine rebooted the "automatically check for updates" window was sitting buried under a big pile of other windows.

It would be great if that prompt came up after the core app was actually running and doing its important things - getting typing break reminders is way more important than getting version update prompts!

Blog Assist freezes Mail.app

I am experiencing Mail freezing when I start my system with BlogAssist auto-starting at boot/log-in. I am using Leopard 10.5.5 and Mail version 3.5. As soon as BlogAssist does not load at system start, the problem goes away.


I am trying to use the mysql action.

I can connect remotely via Navicat, so I know the username and password are correct. I do not need a socket to connect with these.

However, with SImon it says I cannot connect to the server. Am I missing something

Add to cart feature


I am fairly new on using Simon.
I uses mainly to monitor a site where limited items are released once a month and to get notify as the date is never the same.

I was wondering if there is a way of scripting the service and adding a function like "add to cart" to make sure I have my item.

Any help on how to do that or to point me in the right direction will be greatly appreciate.

Thank you.


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