2.2.2 (2030)

Occasional hanging?

I have Simon running, monitoring primarily web and mail connections. Very simple monitors with no real tweaks of any kind (I'm brand new to Simon, and haven't delved into the depths yet).

I have it running on a G5 PowerMac which is kept up to date with the latest software updates (currently running 10.4.9). When I'm on the road (which is often), the only thing running on this Mac is Simon and my Home Automation software (Indigo 2.0.9).

Twice now I've come back after a week on the road and found Simon eating roughly 80% of the CPU, and no way to interact with it. I can "bring it forward", click on the interface, or anything else. The Indigo software continues to operate normally, as does anything else I launch.

The only solution I've found to date is CMD-OPT-ESC and forcing Simon to quit.

If/when this happens again, and while Simon is "hanging", is there anything I can do to try and trace why it's happening?

TIA for any advice/suggestions?


How to do continuous change reminder?

I'm new to Simon (just upgraded to standard license!) and Mac in general.

Is there a way to make a continuous reminder if a website changes?

Right now I have it set to play a sound and Growl notifier, but these are activated only ONCE: upon the change.

Ideally I want Simon to continue play that sound after each complete check, UNTIL I manually clear the "changed status" (marked by the yellow dot on the Simon Monitor screen).

Any suggestions?

Duplicating a test doesn't duplicate the pauses


As per the subject, when duplicating a test from the monitor window, the tests 'pauses' do not duplicate.

Not a show stopper, but annoying.


Also... I couldn't post the above to this forum initially because it gave me an error that the body of my forum topic was too short and that I needed at least 25 words.

Now that I've put that in there it shouldn't be a problem ;)

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