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Feature request: Simplified Break Scheduling

I looked back 2 years and didn't see this suggested.

How about allowing Normal and Micro breaks scheduling to be set for specific clock times (e.g., Normal breaks on the hour and Micro breaks at 20 and 40 minutes after the hour or on the quarter hour, etc.)?

I've tried to do this with the current scheduling structure but it seems to get off track daily per the settings I'm using.

Support for macOS's Do not Disturb mode

IMO Time Out shouldn't show breaks when Do not Disturb mode is on. I've been now 2 times presenting from the mac, when Time Out steals the focus of the slideshow. Other programs won't interrupt the flow when Do not Disturb is turned on (which is the case when you're e.g. connected with AirPlay).

Impossible break time readings


I encounter some problems while using the software. I am not sure how it happens, sometimes I think it works as expected, but other times I see break timers that seem "impossible".

For example see attached my 3 breaks.

- The 4 hour break seems to be right, I started working about 3 hours ago. So with some small natural breaks, that adds up to be due in about an hour.

- The 2 hour break seems impossible. It is true that I did take that break about 1h hour ago, how can it be that the next break is in 3h then? It should be in about 1 hour again. In any case, whatever I do (except changing "Next due") it should never be able to be more than 2 hours away?

- The 12 hour break seems completely off. It should have been reset (because over night was a natural break longer than 4 hours) this morning. According to this break I should have been using my computer for more than 6 hours today already, which I have not. Also if that would have been the case the 4 hour break should have triggered today at least once, which it hasn't (last one was 23 hours ago as shown).

The currently displayed situation seems impossible using my settings (which I haven't changed in a few days).
Am I misunderstanding some of the settings? Is there a bug?


Work timer keeps counting after lid closed (Breaks longer than work period)

I am using this for my health issue where I need longer breaks than work times.
Main: 1 hr work/ 10 hr break
Micro: 15 min work/ 45 min break

1. The main issue I'm having is the work timers continues after I suspend my Mac.
2. The main work timer also continues during micro-breaks which is problematic for me because I have very long micro-breaks.
3. Third minor issue my initial micro work time is supposed to be 15 minutes but it always starts off as 30 minutes. The break period is 45 minutes. Not sure if that long micro break period is it throwing off

Really like the style of the app though.

Non-linear up/down time

Uptime and downtime appear to be non-linear in Simon. I have a demo site which has been up for 3 days but I've taken it down for an hour and the report is showing an up time of only 78%.

Is it in fact non-linear or does it relate to the number of failed requests? My laptop is often turned off so I can see the number of requests will loose it's relationship with up time. If this is the case then using the term 'up time' is misleading.

Turning out to be a really useful product so far though!


Reporting - HTML redirects to hostname

When I setup reporting and have it use the local personal web sharing, or even computer web sharing, I have a problem in that the directory/page always redirects to a URL using the machine's hostname.

For example, I may point my browser to and it changes it to http://mymacname.local/simon/myreport

This would be fine if I was just going to look at the pages internally, but I have to access them from many other IPs that cannot resolve 'mymacname.local'

My goal is to be able to point my browser to an internal IP or external IP URL to access my report, e.g. or http://77.122.42.x/simon/myreport

I am not an httpd expert, but I couldn't seem to find this being a setting within apache. I also couldn't find anything relevent within the template for Simon.

When I create other misc websites and folders, it does not do that URL redirection which leads me to believe this is something being controlled by Simon.

I would appreciate any an all help!

Getting reporting working - page links are broken

Problem - no matter what template I choose, having a report write to a test folder on the desktop gets some pages, but links between pages don't work.

There are some differences between the templates, but - in general, there's an index page and a link to each test. That link, however, just opens the subfolder in the finder, not the enclosed page. And the return-to-summary link at the bottom of an item page opens the folder that holds the summary page in the finder, does not open the page in the browser.

It's been a while since I ran Simon - I remember having teething problems with reports, but they eventually ran for me and wrote to an FTP site. I think I'm setting it up right, and find no more info in the guide/faq/forum.- same operation on any browser, saved as several different names, to several different places, tested all templates, and downloaded the new fancy from extras - same result, files that can open individually, but links back and forth don't work.

Any thoughts would be useful - TIA

new notifier window has no scroll bar

I'm surprised the new notifier window still expands beyond the limits of the screen, with no scroll bar, you simply have to alternately close and open sections to work with it. If you have a bunch of notifiers, and a relatively low res monitor, you're out of luck. Am I missing something?

Growl notify from one computer to another?

This may be a Growl question, not a Simon Growl Notifier question, but either way if anyone has some thoughts, I'd be grateful!

My setup: Growl installed on two computers; Simon installed on one.

I want to see Growl notifications appear on the computer that is NOT running Simon.

None of the various "obvious" settings in Growl and/or Simon have allowed this to happen.



Can't get Reporting to Remote Server to work

Have been wrestling with creating reports on a remote server. Hoping I can get some guidance.

There are 2 problems:

1) Properly settings up the FTP paths.
I know my way around setting FTP log ins, but I can't quite figure out what Simon is doing when it reports that it is sending the report, but no report is created on the remote site. There is evidence that it creates an empty, but no files. I have check permissions and they should be fine. What to do?

2) On trying the local reporting option, I do get a series of folders, but I'm not sure how to use them. Some have index.html files in them, but not a the root. The root has an ".inc" file. What is this for?

Thanks for the help.


Tester wanted for German localization

A German localization of Simon is underway, thanks to Manfred Brandstäter. We would like some German volunteers to test the localization, to improve the quality.

Anyone interested? You can reply here or privately.

Deactivate a test?

I'm just getting my feet wet with Simon Basic, adding one test of a personal website to the test provided out of the box.

The "Recent Apple Downloads" test began failing about 4 hours ago, resulting in a persistent red arrow in my menu bar.

I'd like to set this failing test aside for the moment. It appears my only option is to delete it and recreate it later, assuming I can get the test specified correctly.

It would be much nicer to simply disable the test and re-enable it in a few hours/days.

E-mail notifier

I downloaded Simon 2.3 to try it out and I'm having an issue with it. It is not sending out e-mail when a failure, change or recovery occurs. I tried to test it by click on Notify Now button in the Notifiers section but it worked once and I got the following:

"...[Sample Only] failed at [Last Failure Time] on [Last Failure Date]..."

I tried using a SMTP and the Mailer using sendmail and none of them works. I really like the interface and I might be interested into buying a license but without having the e-mail notifier working I'm afraid that won't work for me.

I'm probably doing something wrong, but I can't be sure. Any advice would be appreciated.



Auto reboot script for power strip

I have an 8 outlet APC Switched Rack PDU. It has a web interface and is SNMP scriptable.

I would like to be able to have Simon reboot any individual outlet when necessary. I know little about this kind of scripting. Here's some info from APC on scripting:

Does anyone have and idea on how to do this? It would be a very useful feature if Simon could do it.

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