SSH test - better version

The Simon built-in SSH test worked, but flooded server logs with error messages like:

Bad protocol version identification 'open'

Illegal protocol version

protocol version not supported in local

I edited the SSH service, and changed the first "then send:" field from 'open' to 'SSH-2.0-Simon', which satisfies the protocol version identification step in the SSH protocol.

See http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4253.txt , section 4.2 Protocol Version Exchange.

-- Rex

Upgrade of Licenses when a promo is happening?

I see that today there is a promo for the Enterprise License happening at MacUpdate (http://www.mupromo.com/). I have a standard License already, but was wondering what the upgrade price would be for loyal customers that would be interested in upgrading their license?

Getting through security and clicking through a page stumps me

To get to the site I want to check for changes, I:

click on the homepage of the site:

It prompts me for "ID" and "PIN", not "username" and "password." Once the site opens to the home page, I must click on a choice on that page to display the page I wish to check for changes.

This seems to go well beyond the simple request for username and password in the Simon setup, compounded by the fact that the site in question asks for ID, then PIN.

What am I missing? Some combination of Automator and scripting? So far, I have experience with neither one.

Facebook login with cookie not work?

This page mentions why you cannot login to facebook easily even with a cookie:


Simon captures the h_user etc strings, but when I try to login again only my email is saved, and not the password. Is there any way to fix it?


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