Natural break detection bug?

Howdy, I'm a new user/supporter (used to WorkRave) and I don't think my natural breaks are working.
Part of the problem is that detection takes 30 seconds...?
Is this normal/intentional?
It means my micro-break (6s break every 4m) never sees any idles, even as a spend 1-29s reading things and not typing.

Timers continue after break ends.

If I have a 10 minute break scheduled and walk away for 20 minutes. The timers will be 10 minutes into the next break. Everything is default, Event Monitor is selected and security features are allowed.

If I trial run When this break is due: Wait for a natural break. This break starts after the 15 seconds. However the timers continue going.

It's frustrating and leads to a lack of trust when I sit down and have the break pop up in the next 5 minutes.

Is this intended?

Update: natural breaks don't seem to start when Time Out is the front most screen.

I'm confused here... did you change the scheduling logic?

I used the Time Out Free app for quite a while and loved it. After the app autoupdated to the new version, however, I really dislike its scheduling behavior--or at least what I think its scheduling behavior is. I'm holding out hope that I'm screwing something up somewhere. Let me explain...

Suppose my settings are to have a 15-minute Normal Break every 60 minutes. In the past, this is how that played out:

12:00 - Start
01:00 - Normal Break
01:15 - Resume work; 60-minute countdown begins
02:15 - Normal Break

NOW the behavior seems to be thus:

12:00 - Start
01:00 - Normal Break
01:15 - Resume work
02:00 - Normal break

Note that the PREVIOUS behavior was to restart the Normal Break countdown AFTER the previous break ended, whereas NOW the behavior seems to be to enforce the 60-minute cycle while completely ignoring the duration of the break. More generally,

Desired: "Work for X minutes, break for Y minutes, work for X minutes, break for Y minutes."
Current: "Work for X minutes, break for Y minutes, work for (X - Y) minutes, break for Y minutes."

What am I doing wrong here? Any help would be appreciated!

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