New artwork

Hi, first and maybe only post, but just wanted to say that I think the palm trees - hammock - smiley face Time Out artwork is very clever. I don't recall exactly what it was before, but it definitely wasn't fun to look at like the new one is ;-)

Remember 'Break control' choice between breaks

I have created a new theme which selects a random exercise to perform during each break.

I have managed to ensure non-repetition of exercises through use of localStorage.

However, I would only like to move on to the next exercise if the current break expires and not if I choose to postpone it.

Is it possible to store the 'break control choice' in localStorage also or is there a facility to persist the choice between the breaks?

I'll be happy to share my code once I've nailed this.

How to access preferences if menu and dock icons are off?


If I have switched the menu bar and dock icons off (so there's no window or UI showing at all), how do I access the preferences, f.ex. to modify break intervals?

I know I can delete the app's preference file which will reset everything to default, but is there a less drastic way to do this?

Why it counts when display is off?

I've set a brake for 5 minutes every 60 minutes (settings in attachment). After a while a break starts (5 min). I left mac, then i return back after 15 minutes (for example). Unlock. And i see 45 minutes to the next break instead of 60. And i need to click "Start" then "Skip" break to reset counter.

So the question here why it counts when display is off or mac is locked? Is it possible to avoid "Start" "Skip" clicking? Because its not quite comfortable...

TimeOut doesn't remember dock preference

I have set the dock preference so that TimeOut only appears in the menu bar, and not in the dock. But each time I set it that way, it just reverts back to the default where TimeOut appears in the dock.

How do I fix this?

Changing Display Theme

I donated a yearly subscription, but still can't find where/how to change the theme that is displayed.
Please advise. Thanks.

"due in" time is longer than the break interval for Micro timeout

I have the default Micro timeout (15 secs break in every 15 minutes) and in configuration window due in 56 minutes displayed for the Micro timeout.
If I think right "due in" timeout should not be longer as 15 minutes in this case.
Perhaps the "Reset after duration" option does not function as expected.

I also attach a screenshot.

Time Out breaks copy/paste buffer

If I leave Time Out running for a while, the copy/paste buffer breaks. Specifically, I cannot copy new text into the buffer -- I can only paste what's already in there. To restore copy/paste functionality, I have to restart my machine and disable Time Out, which is a shame because I'd like to be able to use both.

This happened to my friend as well, who also independently confirmed that Time Out was the app that broke his copy/paste functionality.

[Bug] Break stops when Mac sleeps

If a normal break starts and you are running on a laptop, the laptop will likely go to sleep before the break is over. When the computer is awoken the break is then finished, even though the time has not run out.


Exclusion for Web Conference Calls (ex: WebEx)

I am new to Time Out but it seems to be exactly what I am looking for.

I use this computer for work and attend many meetings, mostly WebEx. The application is buried is a hidden support folder (Macintosh HD>Users>Me>Library>Application Support>WebEx Folder>T31_UMC). I would like TimeOut to remind me to take a break after the meeting ends and the application closes. Can this be done?


How to reset Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi There

I (rather stupidly!) set a keyboard shortcut of Cmd-Shft-S to "Skip Next / Current Break" which has now disabled my Save As keyboard shortcut in just about every other program! But now I can't remove that shortcut as it isn't displayed (see attachment).

I tried downloading the app again and reinstalling it, but that hasn't changed anything.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Support Time Out Error

I'm trying to support Time Out because it's a great program and I use it every day but I keep running into this error. When I go to the Support Time Out menu and click on the tier I want then click Buy I get this http://i.imgur.com/YfnfI3Y.png

I've tried changing to a different page and coming back, restarting, and redownloading from the app store. What's going on?

Duplicate ver 2.0.2 installation

I recently installed this new version and now whenever I start my computer I am warned that I am already running one copy of Time Out and to quit it before Time Out can load. There are 2 Time Out icons in the dock but only one app in Applications in the Finder so I don't know where to delete the other copy. I'm running Yosemite 10.10.5 on a MacPro 2013. Thanks.

audio does not stop when skipping breaks


I have Time Out 2.0.2 set to play audio files during breaks. When I skip a break via Time Out's "skip break" button, the break visual goes away but the audio keeps playing. It seems the only way to stop the audio is to quit Time Out. The Time Out 1 releases had this problem occasionally; it happens every time with Time Out 2.0.2.

I didn't notice a way to search the forums, to see if this problem had already been reported.


How to restore Menu or Dock icon access?

I disabled both the menubar access and the dock access. Now I can't remember how to restore one or the other. (Rookie mistake!)

Running OS X 10.11.4

Feature Request: Groups, Favorite Characters

Apologies for spamming the forum, but after spending more time to experiment with Narrator, I've come across a few features that I think could be improved and/or added in future versions, and which I hope others may find useful.

One thing I would like to see would be a better way of organizing characters for complex projects that may involve large casts, such as lengthy stories, plays, or even novels. It would be nice to be able to group them into folders, or some sort of user-defined hierarchy so that they would be easier to access when assigning parts. For example, someone could divide characters by age or gender, or in my case, as I like to make variations of the same character to enhance expression, I could group those together into a folder to avoid confusion later on. The same could also be said of chapter divisions; for example, a novel with long chapters could be subdivided into scenes and grouped together, as with a play with acts and scenes.

Another feature I would appreciate, perhaps above all, would be a way to save "favorite" characters/voices in a kind of bank for easy access later on. This would be especially useful for someone who may work on separate documents that recycle the same voices, so that he/she wouldn't have to spend time to adjust the parameters again and run the risk of not getting it quite right the second time around. Since I like to work with many variations of the same character, i.e. adjusting pitch and rate, to express different emotions (well, as best as voice synthesis technology can), I would really like to see a way of saving the voices I like best and then being able to refer back to them later. In addition, a way of making variations of a voice by duplicating an existing voice and then tweaking it from there would also be extremely helpful.

Just a few suggestions from a humble new user. :) Thanks again for making Narrator a fun, easy-to-use, and innovative application! Keep up the great work.

Replay Bug?


I've just purchased Narrator through the MU Promo site, and so far I like its ease-of-use and unique concept of being able to "cast" different voices and edit them to my liking; however, I think I've run into something of a bug. I'm not exactly sure how it occurs, but occasionally, the play button won't work, and will be rendered non-functioning until I either quit or reopen the document. It seems to happen most often after I edit the voice parameters of a particular character. EDIT: Actually, after some more testing, I believe it occurs when I hit the "Next" button, which breaks the play function. I find this bug somewhat of a severe usability issue, so I thought I'd let you know. Aside from that, Narrator is still a great little app and is as fun to use as it is useful. Thanks for the hard work!

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