2.1 (2025)

Reset breaks on launch

Hi David and others,

Is there a way to make sure that a break always both resets then starts when launching Time Out 2? Currently it seems that the timer picks up from whatever remaining time it was at when I closed Time Out 2.


Disabling breaks on a schedule

I teach math and programming, and — this being my first year using Time Out on the same machine I present from — I find myself needing to disable breaks routinely, lest I be interrupted while presenting to students. (The first time is OK, since I can do an impromptu mini-lecture on the importance taking breaks from coding, but after that it gets old...)

For the time being I have an approximation to a solution: just setting an exclusion for when PowerPoint is frontmost. However, since my classes are on a predictable schedule I'd like to be able to schedule the disabling of breaks. Is there an action I can use to have Time Out disable/enable breaks via an AppleScript tell, or some other equivalent mechanism?

Breaks occur right after returning to the computer

I think this is the same issue reported at http://www.dejal.com/forums/2016/05/27/breaks-not-resetting — if I've understood that one correctly — although I am using 2.1 and not 2.0.2.

The behavior I'm seeing is this:

1) I leave the computer.
2) I'm gone long enough for it to go to the lock screen and then go to sleep.
3) I return to the computer later — *much* longer than the duration of either type of break I have scheduled in Time Out.
4) A few minutes after I sit down again, Time Out starts a break — in some cases, a major break, before which it should've let me work for 50 minutes.

I too have the natural break detection method set to "Event Monitor".

Is there something I should try changing in the settings? I'm hoping I'm just missing something; clearly this isn't the app's intended behavior, right?

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