2.2.1 (2030)

Window does not open when clicking dock icon

Dear David,

Thank you for your quick response on my previous post. I was able to become a supporter through the website. I like to report the following thing, which I didn't see posted here yet.

When having timeout icon in the dock, it is very hard to get the settings screen up from the dock. It does not come up on clicking the icon shortly. I had to fiddle around (for instance show all screens of app and then press app in dock again twice) to get it up. Clicking the icon in the bar on top works fine though, so I can still edit all the settings, view activity etcetera.



Total time out crash while becoming supporter

Dear David,

First of all thank you for creating and maintaining Time Out. I have been using it only for a few days, and I liked it so much I decided to become a paying supporter. That is actually what this topic is about.

As I'm from The Netherlands, and I don't have a creditcard, I chose to pay with Ideal. I was lead through some form with a few steps. In the last step I got to choose the bank that I liked to use for the payment. As soon as I hit the button to take me to the Ideal environment to pay, the whole Time Out app crashed/stopped in a way, that when I started it back-up, it didn't remember where the timers were stopped and started over with the timers, which it did know itself. Like what happens when you chose "Quit Time Out". Moreover, I was never lead to this payment environment. It all seemed very weird. Maybe you want to contact your payment system provider about this. I checked if I could restore a purchase or got an e-mail, but nothing like that (which is good if you didn't pay).

When I had the app opened again, in the dock, I noticed it was very hard to get the settings screen up from the dock and I had to fiddle around (show all screens of app and then press app in dock again twice) to get it up. But this seems unrelated to the crash.

Kind Regards,


Adjustable Idle Detection

Dear David,

You're Time Out software has helped me tremendously with my RSI. I appreciate the time you've spent developing the application and intend to continue supporting you/it.

I find that the idle detection time value is too long for my work flow. If you could make the idle detection time value adjustable or shorter, I would greatly appreciate it. I believe that others would make use of this feature as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

You have my support regardless,

Michael C.

Not launching after reboot or sleeping


Tout d'abord merci pour ce logiciel génial que je recommande.

Ensuite j'ai un petit problème : j'ai une version Premium et je suis sur Os Sierra.

Cependant malgré le fait que l'option "démarrer automatiquement au démarrage de l'ordinateur" soit activée, au reboot, ça ne marche pas, ni après la mise en veille et au réveil.

Du coup je me retrouve étonné à chaque fois à redémarrer manuellement le logiciel...

J'ai un disque sur crypté via FileVault est ce que cela peut jouer ?

Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.

Translate par Google now :


First of all thank you for this great software that I recommend here in French: Article on Time Out;)

Then I have a small problem: I have a Premium version and I am on Os Sierra.

However, in spite of the fact that the "start automatically at computer start" option is activated, at reboot, it does not work, either after the standby and when waking.

So I am surprised every time to restart the software manually ...

I have a drive encrypted via FileVault is what this can play?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Request: setting to start minimized

Hi, I'd like it if "Automatically start Time Out when you log in to the computer" had an additional option to just start Minimized. I don't need the Settings to come up when I log in.

Thanks! - Rick C.

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