2.3 (2037)

"skip when open" exclusion doesn't seem to work with Steam

I've configured a "skip when open" exclusion rule for Steam, but it doesn't seem to be respected -- breaks still reliably pop up in the middle of playing a game.

How can I help debug this issue?

Own videos and icons

Hi David,

Just subscribe to your beautiful app and I have some questions (might have been asked before ...):

1. Is it possible to replace the icons in "Show Time Out status in the menu bar" - and if yes - how?

2. How can I make a theme that can access a local video file?

I'm not a developer so please have some patience here :D


Time Out registers time spent typing (but not mousing) as "idle"

Using TimeOut version 2.3 on macOS Sierra (10.12.6) with the "Natural break detection method" set to "Event Monitor", I've noticed that TimeOut will start registering me as idle (and stop counting down) when I'm in a browser window typing but not using the mouse. Switching to "Event Source" seems to change this, but the configuration page says that "Event Monitor" is more reliable. Is this a known bug?

Breaks don't seem to start

What am I doing wrong? It keeps running over the break as soon as it gets to it, it just carries on. I think gosh it has been ages since a break, than I check and I had one over an hour ago, and still half an hour to go! see attachment. Maybe I have something wrong in settings.

Thanks for any help!

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