2.3 (for macOS)

TimeOut pops up immediately after waking from sleep

After a longer period of sleep TimeOut pops up immediately after waking the machine, despite setting of "Also skip breaks during display sleep".

This is quite annoying. Is there a solution for this?

Feature request: Unbreakable timeouts

Hi there

First, thanks for the fast reaction to my previous post/vote in another thread.

Having used the app "successfully" for a week or so now, I have the following idea:

Would it be possible to render the breaks "unbreakable", so to speak? What I mean is, I find that I am prone to skip or delay the breaks, ironically at exactly those times when I could probably use them the most. In the beginning of the day, I am fresh and motivated and the app does indeed help me to stick to my break schedule ⇒ annoying, maybe, in the moment, but long-term more productive as it keeps me fresh and my eyes not tired for longer.

However, as I get tired or the day ends, I tend to become more impatient or impulsive and more likely to override the breaks because I don't want to get up, for example, or even just interrupt whatever I am doing.

There is an app called SelfControl that blacklists certain IPs that are entertaining/addictive but unproductive (like news sites or forums). The most important thing about this app is that it cannot be overridden by the user until the (self-imposed) timeout has passed. This inability to override one's better self, as it were, is very helpful as I would probably override the block otherwise at some point, and especially when I am already weak (low blood sugar, say). Self-binding really works.

Long story short, would it be possible to implement something similar in Time Out? I'm not sure about the implementation details but I think SelfControl prevents the override with a kernel extension. For the UI, an additional checkbox in the Advanced pane would probably be sufficient.

Just a suggestion, it's your baby, of course! :-)


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