2.4 (2041)


Hi Guys,

I am new here also a new customer, and i ran into some issues.
I've read the post about mysql and i checked everything but simon doesn't check my database.

The database is on our internal network and i can connect to the database with navicat, so far so good. But when i add this server to simon it doesn't come up with a healty status.

I use a password to connect to the server, and the database is also password protected. One thing i completely don't understand is the query part of the settings.

Also is there a script for SQL Servers?

Any help is very welcome.


Help: Need to check for content dynamically populated into div

Hello, I need some help, I need to be able to setup Simon to check the content of a web page to ensure availability of marketing management system (it's up and running properly).

Unfortunately, our content is dynamically delivered and populated into a DIV tag; so the dynamic content doesn't appear in the SOURCE. Can we configure SIMON to check the rendered content of the page?

If you look on our website:


The form is dynamically generated and populated on the page. I need to check if it was delivered correctly... Can you help?


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